Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How do you get candle wax out of the drain?

So, the other day, my two year old son was supposed to be taking a nap. Well, little did I know that his busy little hands had made their way into the bathroom. I had a candle burning on the bathroom sink, and it had been lit for a while. I walked into the bathroom and found the candle in my son's hands, burnt out, with no wax in it. I looked into the bathroom sink, and saw green wax everywhere. He had dumped all the liquid in the candle down the drain. Well, as you can imagine, all the wax from the candle hardened and clogged up the drain. For a while we were pouring Drano down the sink, and after a couple of days, we realized that wasn't working. Then my husband got a brilliant idea and boiled some hot water on the stove. We poured that down the drain, and found that all the wax came bubbling up from the drain. We cleaned it out of the sink, and then melted what was left with the rest of the hot water. I don't know, may be our son was trying to teach us a lesson. Like a science experiment. Whatever was going through that crazy little head of his, we now know how to get candle wax out of a drain. So, there's your little intellectual nugget for the day in case anyone ever asks. Or maybe the best thing learned is - don't put a lit candle by the bathroom sink when there's a two-year old in the house...

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